What is the fast rolling shutter door like?

What is the fast rolling shutter door like?

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1、 Schedule of quick door:
1. Motor configuration: the configuration and performance of the motor directly affect the opening speed and service life of the fast door. If consumers buy low-quality fast door motors, they may have problems in one or two years. Don't be greedy for temporary cheapness. It's very troublesome to repair in the future and shut down the factory. Therefore, the fast door is a product that needs to strictly control the quality. In order to be cheap, many purification engineering companies install low-cost and poor quality fast doors for the owners. Their motors must be quite poor, so they have problems after using them for a year or two. Many enterprises are attracted by their fame and prosper.
2. Control performance: it is controlled by high-tech PLC and frequency converter, and adopts advanced weak current control mode. Strong current is converted to weak current control, and the door is sensitive to prevent leakage.
3. Guide rail design: the guide rail adopts the double row brush sealing structure of PVC brush card base, which can prevent mosquitoes and dust. The bottom of the door curtain is equipped with an inflatable airbag structure, which can closely fit with the ground.
4. Door body and door frame: the door frame is made of 2.0mm cold-rolled steel plate and high-quality imported plastic powder paint baking process.
2、 Xingerwang fast door has a variety of control modes:
1. Geomagnetic control system:
The geomagnetic control system uses the circle surrounded by the rising sun geomagnetic induction line to sense iron substances, such as forklift. When the forklift passes through the geomagnetic field, it can open the fast door and drive out directly, which is very convenient for unloading and loading.
2. Control box system:
Commonly known as the button type, this is the basic configuration of the fast door. As long as there is a button, it can be opened.
3. Radar control system:
As long as there is a moving object where the radar sweeps, it can be turned on. However, the accuracy is not as accurate as geomagnetism, and there is no fixed range that can be adjusted.
4. Interlock control system:
After the interlock controller is installed, two doors and three doors can be interlocked, so that the doors can not be opened at the same time.
5. Airbag control system:
The protective air bag can prevent people and vehicle goods from being injured. The air bag senses obstacles and plays a protective role.


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